Getting Started with Smart Containers

When you transport your goods with TRAXENS’ partners CMA CGM or MSC you will have
unprecedented visibility of your cargo from door-to-door regardless of your choice of
pre- and post-haul operators and regardless of the transport mode. Your cargo will be
transported in Smart Containers which transmit timely, precise and diverse data on the
position and condition of your cargo.

  • 24/7 visibility of all your containerised cargo
  • Notifications and alerts for you and your subcontractors on key events 
  • Dashboards for at-a-glance up-to-date overview

You can start now with our standard service and develop through direct integration with your IT, customised dashboards and targeted applications so that you reach maximum benefit of real data for your containerised supply chain. Contact us now.

The Digital Freight Train

SNCF Logistics and TRAXENS have teamed up to bring rail freight into the 21st century: The Digital Freight Train. The solution is a combination of TRAXENS’s breakthough technology for multimodal containers and SNCF Logistics’ technical and industry expertise.

The result is a technological innovation that paves the way for a new generation of data-enabled digital freight trains.

Check out the video below for a brief overview.


TRAXENS Technology

TRAXENS-BOX S+ is permanently attached to containers and transmits a wide variety of data in the most energy efficient way to TRAXENS-HUB.

The TRAXENS-HUB platform uses a scalable architecture ready to service millions of containers, trailers, trucks, wagons, cranes and more.

TRAXENS-NET is a mesh radio network designed for optimal performance in the environment of intermodal containers. 

TRAXENS' Partners and Customers