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The Supply Chain Executive's Guide to Smart Containers

Smart Containers are traditional multimodal containers with added electronics. The added electronics send

near real-time data about location, door opening and closing, vibrations, temperature and more to a cloud-based

big data platform. You can then access this data through smart phones, web browsers or via your

corporate TMS (Transportation Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Getting Started with Smart Containers

Do Smart Containers sound convincing for you? So how do you start? TRAXENS allows you to start with 500 container trips with 24/7 visibility, notifications and dashboards before moving on to more sophisticated integrated solutions.

Shipping Line Executive's Guide to Smart Containers
  • Breakthrough technology means that the cost of Smart Containers is now minimal
  • Shippers and freight forwarders now recognise the value of real-time container monitoring and tracking, and are willing to invest in this digital supply chain transformation
  • Shipping lines can maximize their position as container owners (or lessees) to increase internal productivity and create a new revenue stream through Smart Containers.